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Yunasko developed a new product that is based on a novel approach to the hybridization of lithium-ion and ultracapacitor technologies altogether: Lithium-ion capacitor. While ultracapacitors are generally known for their great power density, their energy density is still too low for many applications. On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries, renowned for high energy density, are having difficulties to provide enough power in certain heavy-duty applications. In order to cover the gap between these technologies, Yunasko has developed a “lithium-ion capacitor” (LIC) that can offer both high energy and power densities, with the extended lifetime (10 000 – 20 000 cycles).


F or Ah

Rated voltage,

DC resistance,

Energy density,

Specific Power,



1.3 Ah 2.7 1.0 37 3.5 0.085

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Yunasko lithium-ion capacitors are available in prismatic cell design and can be assembled into modules of 15 – 450 Volts range. At this moment, we are looking for the technical partners who are interested to test our new lithium-ion capacitors in different applications. The results of these studies will help Yunasko to move further with commercialization and reach mass-scale production stage in 2015-2016.

The electrochemical design of lithium-ion capacitor is patent pending, as Yunasko developed special surface treatment and doping techniques to achieve an advanced performance. Widely spread commercially available materials, from both ultracapacitor and lithium ion industry, are being used in LIC devices.

Lithium-ion capacitors offer a value to a variety of applications, including mass-transit transport, industrial power supplies, smart-grid power modules, manufacturing equipment, and consumer electronics. The market demand is expected to grow substantially and reach $200 million in sale figure in 2015, which is still a fraction of the immense lithium ion market worldwide.

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