Customer Inquiry




We are looking for reliable partners in major consumption markets for our products in North America, Europe, and Asia. A limited amount of ultracapacitor cells and modules can be provided mainly for the new product development and testing purposes.
Manufacturing partners: Yunasko is looking for strong partnerships to build the mass scale production in the different parts of the world. Such project requires serious partners with the experience in batteries and electronic components production.
Product development partners: Our ultracapacitors with unique performance allow us to resolve many technical issues which seemed to be hard or even impossible to resolve before. That is why it is important to find new opportunities for the product applications together with those who are working on different engineering solutions.



Technology Licensing

YUNASKO is focused towards improvement of technology, research for original technical solutions and exploration of new areas where ultracapacitors can be used. We look for reliable partners in the largest consumer markets of our technology – North America, Europe and Asia. While large industrial scale implementation of our technology is important for us, we are ready to offer licensing agreements to those companies, which are interested in mass production of ultracapacitor cells, modules and ultracapacitor-based solutions.


Joint Development

We are open to cooperate with companies engaged in development of new solutions, which help to uncover competing advantages of ultracapacitors and our unique technology. Such cooperation complies with our strategy to promote more efficient energy storage solutions on the market. It is also important that partners possess the experience in launching new products in power electronics and have the resources to invest in new technologies.


Electrode Sales

YUNASKO is looking to find customers for ultracapacitor key components – special modified foils and electrode rolls. Potential customers for these products are industrial, capacitor or battery companies. These customers should be interested to extend the range of their product-lines. Electrode material is a critical component that will enable company a quick entry to the ultracapacitor market.


Products Offering

YUNASKO is ready to develop ultracapacitor cells and modules by special request from the customer, taking into account different preferences and desired characteristics. Main consumers for such products are the companies that desire to get the most advantageous of ultracapacitor-based solutions now, while the widespread commercialization is still on the way.


Technology Development

There are several important directions in the technological development of our company in 2012-2015:

alt Development of special methods and layouts for combining ultracapacitors with batteries in different applications

alt Finding new ways for treatment and tuning of carbon powders with the goals of decreasing the ultracapacitor cost and improving performance

alt Search for new electrolytes to increase the working voltage range and maximum capacitance

alt Research and development for hybrid devices that include lithium-ion and ultracapacitor materials, with the main purpose of significant energy density increase

Software Partner


Since 2014 Yunasko is participating in Autodesk Entrepreneur Impact Program, which is directed to help early-stage startups and entrepreneurs in the social, cleantech, and environmental sectors, providing them with world-class digital prototyping software to design, visualize, and simulate their ideas and get to market faster.