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Yunasko successfully developed supercapacitor modules for maneuver locomotives

In 2021 Yunasko successfully fulfilled a project aimed at the development and manufacture of supercapacitor modules to start up a diesel locomotive engine in a wide outside temperature range. The module can improve fuel efficiency and durability during switching rail yard work. The module characteristics are: 75V, 100F, 7 mOhm, 20 kg.

Yunasko joined European H2020 project SIMBA

In January 2021 Yunasko joined one more European Union’s Horizon 2020 project SIMBA - Sodium-Ion and sodium Metal BAtteries for efficient and sustainable next-generation energy storage (ID: 963542). 

The SIMBA project main goal is the development of a highly cost-effective, safe, all-solid-state-battery with sodium as mobile ionic charge carrier for stationary energy storage applications. Although in many ways SIBs are similar to LIBs, there are still a number of persistent scientific and technical challenges to be addressed in understanding electrochemical processes and degradation mechanisms, electrode, solid-state electrolyte and cell manufacturing. SIMBA aims to solve these challenges and pave the way to market introduction. In terms of customer value, it will target the product market space between LIB and lead-acid batteries, offering similar performance advantages of LIB (high efficiency, low volume and weight) but with the cost-advantage of lead-acid (low material cost and ease of recycling).

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Yunasko successfully completed project for development and manufacture of supercapacitor modules

In 2020 Yunasko successfully fulfilled a special project aimed at the development and manufacture of custom supercapacitor modules of extremely high power with their rated characteristics as follows: 205 V, 15 F, 0.01 Ohm, 40 kg.