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YUNASKO LTD was founded in early 2010 in a city of London, United Kingdom and currently holds its main subsidiary YUNASKO-UKRAINE LLC and a Pilot Plant facility, both situated in Ukraine. All entities are operating under collective brand "YUNASKO". Main operational activity and R&D work is conducted in Kiev,  while a small series production is carried out in a city of Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine. Large scale ultracapacitor production plant is currently under development in Riga, Latvia. The plant is operated by YUNASKO-Latvia SIA.

YUNASKO is the developer and licensor of the leading technology for the energy storage devices. This technology is ready for the large scale manufacturing by world class electronics manufacturers. Company develops ultracapacitors (other name - supercapacitors), which present a type of energy storage devices characterized by prominent power characteristics - well above conventional batteries. In addition, ultracapacitors possess long life-cycle and safe operations. Ultracapacitors can be used in a broad variety of applications, ranging from automobiles, heavy industrial machinery and smart grids to consumer electronics.

Our company offers ultracapacitors developed using proprietary technology which have low internal resistance (ESR), excellent specific power and energy characteristics, low weight and functional prismatic design. The overall result is a significant cost advantage with respect to competitors. It creates the superior opportunity for the company to acquire substantial market share within the next 3 to 7 years.

The company invests a great deal of efforts in R&D work in order to maintain superior performance characteristics over competitors. According to the results of independent testing, YUNASKO ultracapacitors are currently considered to be world-best among commercially available competitors.



R&D Laboratories


The main mission of the R&D facility, situated in Kiev (Ukraine) is to keep pace with rapidly growing scientific progress in the filed of ultracapacitors and maintain current superiority over competitors. Besides, YUNASKO Labs pursue stratigic goal of testing new materials and approaches towards creating even better devices.

Second major assignment for the R&D facility is testing ultracapacitor cells and modules, assembled at the Pilot Plant.


Yunasko R&D Labs at Kiev Ukraine


Pilot Plant


The Pilot Plant, situated in a city of Khmelnitskiy (Ukraine) is equipped to produce small series of ultracapacitor cells and modules.


Yunasko Pilot Plant at Khmelnitskiy Ukraine