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alt In a world of increasing need for energy efficiency coupled with environmental concerns, there is a tremendous opportunity for an energy storage device that can be used at times as a complement to traditional batteries and other energy storage devices, and other times as a standalone system.

Ultracapacitors unique performance characteristics place them between standard capacitors and batteries, fulfilling a need that will vault these devices from a $208 million market in 2008 to a $877 million market by 2014, a CAGR of 27% (according to LuxResearch market analysis).

Nowadays, ultracapacitors designed by YUNASKO company significantly exceed their competitors by power density. From the commercial point of view this can results in less size/mass of an ultracapacitor module (at least by a factor of two) capable of meeting the customer requirements. No doubt, the less size and mass leads to lower cost of the module and it is critical in many applications ranged from automotive to consumer electronics.


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