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YUNASKO supercapacitors unload fuel cells in Australian drones

University of Sydney has completed the tests of a hybrid energy storage system combining the hydrogen fuel cells, batteries and YUNASKO supercapacitors for unmanned aircraft.

Yunasko has developed special light-weight 25V / 7F supercapacitor modules for the flight testing.

According to the feedback provided by the researchers: "The new results show that the supercapacitor improves the dynamic response of the overall propulsion system and also provides load smoothing for increased fuel-cell life"

More information can be found in the official press release by the University of Sydney here:

Video with the project presentation and flight test:

Yunasko awarded Climate Innovation Voucher from EU and EBR

Yunasko has won the grant for advancing its climate-positive technologies via Climate Innovation Voucher program funded by the EU Neighborhood Investment Facility and led by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Climate Innovation Vouchers Program is implemented Ukrainian Energy Innovation Network Greencubator.


Yunasko will use the funds for scaling up its proprietary environmentally friendly water-based electrode manufacturing technology together with Customcells - the German service provider.

Customcells ( team of chemists, engineers and operators has extensive knowledge and skills in roll-to-roll coating of functional layers, as for example in ramping-up the electrode compositions for lithium-ion batteries and ultracapacitors.

The Climate Innovation Voucher Program ( was initiated by the EBRD as a part of its Finance and Technology Transfer Center for Climate Change (FINTECC) with the financial support from the European Union. The Program aims at improving the capacity of Ukrainian businesses in development and deployment of climate technologies. Greencubator ( is implementing the Climate Innovation Vouchers Program in Ukraine, the first country in EBRD area of operations where such program has been launched.


YUNASKO took part in EESAT 2017 conference in San Diego, California

YUNASKO recently participated in Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies (EESAT) conference in San Diego, CA during October 11-13, 2017.

EESAT is the premier energy storage technical meeting which has proven to be at the international forefront of advancing leading-edge research, development, and deployment of energy storage ideas, projects and challenges. The 2017 EESAT theme is “Energy Storage Evolution and Revolution”. This year’s meeting provides a format to revisit critical, turning point research coupled with new frontiers in technology development and emerging applications for the smarter modern electricity grid.

Dr. Sergii Tychina, YUNASKO new business development manager presented company’s approaches to improve performance of ultracapacitors, namely increasing energy and power densities.

Increase in power density was obtained due to a number of improvements including an approach based on studying the electrolyte in-pore mobility in positive and negative electrodes. It enables to substantially increase the ultracapacitor power output to about 100 kW/kg and efficiency to over 99.0%.

However, the low energy density is still a weak point of all the ultracapacitors that does close many doors to the market. An increase in energy has been achieved due to so-called parallel hybridization of the electrode/electrolyte system, wherein both positive and negative electrodes contain nanoporous carbon and Li-intercalated metal oxides as balanced mixtures.

The YUNASKO presentation is available