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Yunasko presentation at AABC 2014

This event took place in February 3-5, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Dr. Yurii Maletin, the Chief Scientist of Yunasko, was among the invited speakers at AABC 2014. Most of the leading companies and researchers from EDLC industry took part in the conference. Some new approaches to EDLC technology and various aspects of EDLC-based applications were thoroughly discussed during the conference. Participants also had a chance to attend useful tutorials that were provided by recognized experts.

YUNASKO takes a part at AABC 2014

YUNASKO, developer of the world leading ultracapacitor technology, takes a part at Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) being held February 3-7, 2014 in Atlanta, USA. AABC is one of the most significant events in the energy-storage industry.

Yurii Maletin, Chief Technical Officer at YUNASKO during ECCAP Session 2 will introduce presentation focused on the perspectives of supercapacitor technology and headway in using of new type of electrolyte, which can increase ultracapacitors operation temperature limit up to 100°C. Also this presentation will shed more light on YUNASKO hybrid devices with their energy density of about 40 Wh/kg and further reducing the internal resistance in order to increase the SC efficiency and power output, reducing the cost of SC devices.

Project “Energy Caps”: equator is successfully passed

During Nov 28-29 YUNASKO-Ukraine representatives have participated in a report session with European Commission dedicated to Energy Caps project. The project coordinator Solvay has presented the two-year performance report before the Commission Officers and summed up achievements and results over of project implementation. The report covered R&D and technical deliverables, knowledge sharing activities, achieved secondments and recruitments and management tasks.

YUNASKO presentation and report were delivered by Dr. Andrii Buvailo (reported on overall project management, secondment and recruitment process) while Dr Yuriy Maletin and Dr Natalia Stryzhakova summarized main scientific results and deliverables.

Among deliverables by YUNASKO it should be noted the Testing Methodology Manual, which can be downloaded here. The manual provides an industrial standard for testing hybrid ultracapacitor devices and ultracapacitor components (electrodes, punch cells).

While there are several industrial testing standards existing for carbon-carbon ultracapacitors, it is a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to hybrid systems. Within the course of Energy Caps, YUNASKO tried to provide deeper insight into the problem and developed useful approaches to testing hybrid systems.

The Testing Methodology Manual is being used as the guide for other Project participants in their work towards creation of the high power and energy hybrid ultracapacitor. Also, this manual may be useful for other companies outside the project in order to set up common industrial viewpoint on testing and comparing hybrid ultracapacitor systems.

During the period, YUNASKO seconded several researchers including Dr. Andrii Buvailo, Dr. Natalya Stryzhakova and Dr. Sergii Zelinskyi to Kiev National University of Technology and Design (KNUTD) and hosted Poland researcher Prof. Krzysztof Jurewicz from Poznan University of Technology.

Also, YUNASKO recruited a Mexican Experienced Researcher (ER) – Prof. Hugo Armando Mosqueda Altamirano for a two year period stay in Kyiv. Prof. Hugo has great experience in the field of ultracapacitor measurements and industrial experience in product development. He will strengthen the R&D team at YUNASKO as well as help achieve prototyping phase deliverables within Energy Caps project.

Andrii Buvailo and Hugo Armando Mosqueda Altamirano

Based on the report and presentation by consortium members, Energy Caps project received the “green light” from European Commission for the next two-year period.