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YUNASKO ultracapacitors was called to have excellent durability and performance

YUNASKO ultracapacitors was called to have excellent durability and performance.
"The pilot production Yunasko capacitors exhibited the longest life in terms of capacitance retention..."

Read full article by John R. Miller at 46th Power Sources Conference about aging and performance of diferrent manufacturers UCs

YUNASKO Management Presents at Smart Energy Forum, Lviv, Ukraine.

Vadim Utkin, CEO of YUNASKO, delivered a keynote talk regarding investments in clean tech sector in Lviv, Ukraine. During 16-18 of May conference explored the potential of a green economy and smart energy innovations to ensure both energy security and sustainability. Forum experts explored the latest developments regarding sustainable economic and energy models, technologies and R&D projects, policies to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy production, and how the energy and IT sector converge for achieving tangible results with small investments.

Yunasko presentation at AABC 2014

This event took place in February 3-5, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Dr. Yurii Maletin, the Chief Scientist of Yunasko, was among the invited speakers at AABC 2014. Most of the leading companies and researchers from EDLC industry took part in the conference. Some new approaches to EDLC technology and various aspects of EDLC-based applications were thoroughly discussed during the conference. Participants also had a chance to attend useful tutorials that were provided by recognized experts.