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YUNASKO announce a licensing agreement with POWER TECH for the manufacturing and sales of ultracapacitors cells and modules

KYIV, UKRAINE and HEBI, CHINA, January 2015. YUNASKO, a leader in research, development and manufacturing of ultracapacitor products, announce a licensing agreement with POWER TECH for the manufacturing and sales of high-performance ultracapacitors cells and ultracapacitor modules.

YUNASKO and POWER TECH announced that they have entered into a license agreement and under the terms of the agreement, YUNASKO will license ultracapacitor technology for use in public transportation i.e. hybrid new energy buses and vehicles, subways, trams and railroads and similar applications.
YUNASKO cells are pouch type, symmetric carbon-carbon energy storage devices with organic electrolyte. These cells have been tested at independent testing labs including JME Inc. in the USA and consistently show market leading properties and durability.

Dr. John R. Miller, head and founder of JME, Inc. comments on the testing results from his laboratory: "Measured life for the YUNASKO ultracapacitors exceeded manufacturer’s specifications. Cells have been designed to have minimum ESR and these cells have the lowest DC resistance and exhibit the highest charge/discharge efficiency. The pilot production YUNASKO capacitors exhibited the longest life in terms of capacitance retention. Even with tripling of resistance these capacitors still have very low resistance values."

POWER TECH has constructed a 10,000 square meter ultracapacitor manufacturing facility in Hebi City in the Chinese province of Henan, to meet the growing demand for energy storage in China. Power Tech will manufacture ultracapacitor cells and modules utilizing the proven YUNASKO technology.

Sample products will be provided to potential customers for evaluation during the first half of 2015.

Peer Nielsen, CEO of Power Tech:
"We are going into production now and we are very excited about the market opportunity and our license agreement with Yunasko. The Yunasko technology is clearly superior to the best available and we plan to provide the Chinese market with a product produced in China that is competitive on both performance and price”

Vadim Utkin, CEO of Yunasko:
“We believe there is significant opportunity for Yunasko’s technology across several different markets in China like buses, renewable energy and mass transit, so expanding our partnership should provide Power Tech the opportunity to benefit from the increasing demand for ultracapacitor solutions.
In the energy storage industry, it is advantageous to establish manufacturing operations in close proximity to the customer base, so we believe ramping up a manufacturing facility in China will help us bring our solutions to market more quickly and cost-effectively.”

About POWER TECH: PowerTech New Energy Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of one of the leading and oldest film and tantalum capacitor factories in China with a sole focus on ultracapacitor manufacturing and sales. Power Tech is closely associated with the largest private university in China, Huanghe Science and Technology College based in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in the center of China.

About YUNASKO: Yunasko is a developer of proprietary ultracapacitor technology that is addressing the needs for highly reliable and power performance energy storage. This technology is ready for the large scale manufacturing by world-class electronics manufactures. Ultracapacitors can be used in a broad variety of applications, ranging from vehicles, heavy industrial machinery and smart grids to consumer electronics.

Press contacts:

Yunasko: Vadim Utkin, CEO. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Power Tech: Peer Nielsen, CEO. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yurii Maletin took part in the IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference 2014

Dr. Yurii Maletin, Chief Scientist of Yunasko took part in the IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference 2014, Florence, Italy, December 17-19. The supercapacitor session was headed by Dr. A.F. Burke from the Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis, CA, USA (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Dr. Burke presented, in particular, his comparative test results for carbon-carbon supercapacitor and hybrid LIC devices – see an excerpt from his presentation below. Once again, Dr. Burke’s comparative tests confirm the highest power capability and the largest energy density of Yunasko supercapacitor and hybrid devices, respectively.

Summary of ultracapacitor device characteristics

























2.7 605 0.90 0.55 2.35 1139 9597 0.20 0.211
Vinatech 2.7 336 3.5 1.2 4.5 1085 9656 0.054 0.057
Ioxus 2.7 2000 0.54 1.1 4.0 923 8210 0.37 0.346



3.4 3200 0.475 1.52 9.0 1730 15400 0.40 0.284
Yunasko 2.75 1275 0.11 0.13 4.55 8791 78125 0.22 0.15
Yunasko* 2.7 5200 1.5 7.8 30 3395 30200 0.068 0.038
Nesscap 2.7 3160 0.4 1.3 4.4 982 8728 0.522 0.379
LS Cable 2.8 3200 0.25 0.80 3.7 1400 12400 0.63 0.47
BatScap 2.7 2680 0.20 0.54 4.2 2050 18225 0.50 0.572
JSR-Micro* 3.8 1100 1.15 1.21 10 2450 21880 0.144 0.077

(1) Energy density at 400 W/kg constant power, Vrated - 1/2 Vrated
(2) Power based on P=9/16*(1-EF)*V2/R, EF=efficiency of discharge
(3) Steady-state resistance including pore resistance
* Hybrid "Li-ion capacitors"

Cleantech Summit 2014 meets YUNASKO as one of the 20 rapidly growing clean tech start-ups

At first time YUNASKO has honored a place among the 20 rapidly growing clean tech start-ups to introduce the presentation during Cleantech Summit 2014 which took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands, November 21-22th 2014. YUNASKO was showcased by Vadim Utkin, CEO with presentation about the company.

The forum and summit united 37 selected emerging companies, 20 selected growth stage showcase companies, and 80+ VC’s, CVC’s & Business Angels, active in the European cleantech space.

The Growth companies span the following 4 sectors: Delta & Water and Environmental, Bio-Economy and materials, Energy Efficiency and Smart Mobility & Logistics. The highest trending sector this year is Energy-Efficiency, this was reflected by the large number of applications from companies in this sector as well as the fact that 40% of growth companies are in this sector. In terms of stage, the majority of the 20 selected companies are in Expansion/Growth stage with just 1 Late stage/Pre-IPO.
In terms of geographic representation The Netherlands has the largest representation with 35%, followed by the UK with 20%. The other selected companies originate from Austria, Finland, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy and Latvia.