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Cleantech Summit 2014 meets YUNASKO as one of the 20 rapidly growing clean tech start-ups

At first time YUNASKO has honored a place among the 20 rapidly growing clean tech start-ups to introduce the presentation during Cleantech Summit 2014 which took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands, November 21-22th 2014. YUNASKO was showcased by Vadim Utkin, CEO with presentation about the company.

The forum and summit united 37 selected emerging companies, 20 selected growth stage showcase companies, and 80+ VC’s, CVC’s & Business Angels, active in the European cleantech space.

The Growth companies span the following 4 sectors: Delta & Water and Environmental, Bio-Economy and materials, Energy Efficiency and Smart Mobility & Logistics. The highest trending sector this year is Energy-Efficiency, this was reflected by the large number of applications from companies in this sector as well as the fact that 40% of growth companies are in this sector. In terms of stage, the majority of the 20 selected companies are in Expansion/Growth stage with just 1 Late stage/Pre-IPO.
In terms of geographic representation The Netherlands has the largest representation with 35%, followed by the UK with 20%. The other selected companies originate from Austria, Finland, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy and Latvia.


Yunasko took an active part in two recent energy storage events

Yunasko took an active part in two recent energy storage events – “Batteries 2014” conference (Nice, France, Sep.24-26) and NEST workshop (Frankfurt, Germany, Oct.14-15) – see the most recent Yunasko presentation attached.

Batteries 2014 was the 16th conference in the series, and this was the first time when supercapacitors were also included in the agenda. Three companies presented the main trends in modern supercapacitor technology, namely:

  • Maxwell Technologes presented some advantages of combined solutions “battery plus supercap”;
  • JM Energy presented the most recent achievements in LIC technology; and
  • Yunasko presented the most recent achievements and also key trends in supercapacitor and hybrid technologies.

NEST workshop organized by Hutchinson was focused on new trends in supercapacitor technology, in particular, the use of nano-sized electrode materials, ionic liquids and other novelties. Our attention was drawn to the following presentations:

  • F. Gonzalez, IDTechEx. Supercapacitor market trends and forecasts.
  • B. Sahut, PSA. Supercapacitor applications in the automotive.
  • J. Reiter, BMW. Ionic liquids in Li-oxygen and Li-ion batteries.
  • Y. Gogotsi, Univ. Drexel. Two-dimensional metal carbides for capacitive energy.
  • J. Miller, JME. High frequency graphene EDLC.

YUNASKO ultracapacitors was called to have excellent durability and performance

YUNASKO ultracapacitors was called to have excellent durability and performance.
"The pilot production Yunasko capacitors exhibited the longest life in terms of capacitance retention..."

Read full article by John R. Miller at 46th Power Sources Conference about aging and performance of diferrent manufacturers UCs