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Seminar on EDLC and Hybrid Energy Storage Devices in Florida, December 2012

Yunasko took active part in the 22nd International Seminar of EDLC and Hybrid Energy Storage Devices in Florida in December – see


The best performance of Yunasko supercapacitors was confirmed in review presentations of Dr. A.F. Burke (ITS, Davis, CA) and Dr. J.R. Miller (JME, Cleveland, OH). Dr. Miller has shown that Yunasko carbon-carbon supercapacitors are way ahead of other competing technologies with their superior power capability and quick time response. Remarkably large energy density of Yunasko hybrid devices has been confirmed by ITS test results. The corresponding technology innovations were presented by Yunasko participants – see below.


Dr. D. Tretyakov is presenting Yunasko hybrid technology:


Dr. Y. Maletin is presenting Yunasko supercapacitor technology: