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Yunasko symmetric and hybrid ultracapacitors possess superior specific characteristics over existing competitor analogues

Together with Mr. Vadim Utkin, CEO at Yunasko, we recently took part in the 21st EDLC seminar in Florida in Dec 5-7 (see: ), where I presented the most recent test results for symmetric carbon-carbon EDLC devices (480, 1200 and 1500 F) and for hybrid devices (4000 and 8000 F). Performance of YUNASKO devices was also verified by Dr. Andrew F. Burke (Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis, CA) and by Dr. John R. Miller (JME Inc., Cleveland, OH). Dr. Burke also presented comparative test results for most advanced EDLC’s, hybrid devices and Li-ion batteries. As can be seen from seminar presentations, YUNASKO carbon-carbon EDLC’s demonstrate much lower inner resistance and, correspondingly, much higher power density than any competing devices, also resulting in their cost efficiency. YUNASKO hybrid devices demonstrate significantly larger energy density (up to 30 W.h/kg) than competing hybrids keeping at the same time the power density about 3 kW/kg @95% efficiency.