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Market niches for YUNASKO ultracapacitors

The main strategic goal of YUNASKO is automotive market, including kinetic energy recuperation systems (KERS), start-stop systems for hybrid vehicles (HVs) etc.

YUNASKO ultracapacitors are a good solution when the following requirements are to be met:

alt High power is needed (together with relatively high energy)

alt High current provider is needed

alt Ultrafast charge/discharge operation mode is needed

alt Battery protection is needed when it is exposed to high peak loads and dynamic cycling conditions

alt The volume for enegy storage sysme is limited and it is critical to keep it as low as possible

The modules based on YUNASKO ultracapacitors have substantially lower weight and overall dimensions compared to those of competitors. The decrease in size also reflects in lower cost of our devices. In addition, because of the lowest ESR values, YUNASKO ultracapacitors can be successfully used in those types of applications, where the competing ultracapacitor-based solutions are unable to operate. For example, when certain power is required within limited weight or the total round-trip efficiency is to exceed 95%.

Examples of current applications for YUNASKO ultracapacitors

Battery Augmentation

Combination of YUNASKO ultracapacitors with stationary lead acid batteries in cars decreases the current loads on the battery by 4 times (from 380 to 100A). At the same time, starter current of the system increases up to 500 A in a wider range of temperatures, starting from -40oC.
Opel Omega 2.4i Engine start current with ultracapacitors

Welding Machine

Unique features of YUNASKO ultracapacitors made it possible to have developed new generation of welding devices for spot and stud welding (the project was conducted in collaboration with the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute)

Yunasko Ultracapacitor welding module
Ultracapacitor welding gun