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YUNASKO is attending Electronica 2012


Mr. Vadim Utkin, CEO at YUNASKO, is going to attend 25th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications - Electronica 2012. This event will take place in Munich (Germany) on 13-16 November 2012.


YUNASKO participated in the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (Mainz, Germany, June 18 - 22, 2012)

YUNASKO presented the most recent technology results and some ways to reduce the ultracapacitor/supercapacitor cost at Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) in Mainz, June 18-22. It was shown that ultra-low internal resistance of YUNASKO double layer capacitors and large specific energy of YUNASKO hybrid devices can open the door to more effective applications in KERS or start-stop systems. This can also allow to meet a customer requirements with less mass/volume of ultracapacitor device, and thus to significantly reduce its cost.

Meeting in Brussels on hybrid ultracapacitor project

On June 26 representatives from YUNASKO – Dr. Andrii Buvailo and Dr. Natalia Stryzhakova participated in the second meeting on European Project “Energy Caps”. This project is devoted to development of highly powerful and energetic hybrid ultracapacitor and its eco-friendly recycling process.


YUNASKO has successfully closed first deliverable of the project – development of testing procedures for evaluating hybrid ultracapacitor devices. Testing Methodology Manual was presented and discussed with partners. This manual will be a guiding principal to be used by the Project participants for evaluating hybrid ultracapacitor materials and testing assembled ultracapacitor devices.


For more detailes, please, visit official web site of the project: