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Trip to CeBIT fair, Hannover, 4-10 March, 2013.

(We got stuck in Vienna airport because of delayed flight from Hannov and I decided to kill the time by writing a little bit about our experience with CeBit… ).

Arrival, March 4

So, here we are, finally got to Hannover. The weather is nice – sunny and quite warm, which is not typical for Germany during this season.

Having done accommodation routine, we took Tram 1 and went directly to the Exhibition Center, “Messe”, which is one of the biggest trade platforms in Europe and across the world.

The Center is really huge, the halls are scattered across a large area. It takes about 25 minutes to get from the tram station to Hall 16 where our booth will be held. Starting from the official opening day – 5 March, there will be shuttle buses circulating around the Center, so it will be easier.

CeBIT 2013 Hannover Messe

The whole exhibition area is one complete mess – everybody is setting up their booths, the halls are filled up with constructors, carpenters and other supplementary staff – there are many companies out there to help you build your booth and bring it to the exhibition, just pay and go. However, the price of a professional booth is rather high, I saw prices starting from 5 thousands Euro – the simplest construction.

In our case everything is easier as we are participating as a startup company within a framework of a competition organized by Code_N group. This competition had initially targeted 250 startups from around the globe and later they chose 50 finalists to present their innovations at CeBIT for free. YUNASKO appeared to be among the fifty lucky teams. So our booth is very simple:

CeBIT 2013 Yunasko booth


Nice thing about presenting at CeBIT is that after registration they give you special card which gives right to travel on all the common transportation for free. This is a very nice bonus as the prices for the transportation are high. The city is divided into several zones and depending on where you wanna go, you need to pay some extra for each zone. For example, for the first time we bought a ticket for 2 zones out of 3 and it was worth around 6 Euro per person.

As in any huge exhibition, the managers at the central office know nothing about our particular Code_N competition and cannot help us with directions and other stuff. Well, probably they are not supposed to… Finally, we reached the guys from Code_N and the situation began changing for the better.

In fact, the staff at Code_N appeared to be helpful and pleasant, they assisted us with getting known the place and also provided some guides as to what and how to do in Hall 16.

CeBIT 2013 Hall 16

I will skip detailed description of how we were assembling the booth and working for several days towards popularizing ultracapacitors and YUNASKO, giving away our business cards and materials, getting new useful contacts etc. During the whole duration we were interviewed a couple of times about ultracapacitors and energy storage in general ( and also, some nice image of 200 F, 15 V YUNASKO ultracapacitor module was published on Cnet News ( So we got a pretty good media coverage. Other things are not really worth mentioning, just usual exhibition routine.

What I should mention, though, in the evening of day one there was a nice concert show with “Clair”. Good singing, indeed. The singer was a nice girl with a strong voice and some German accent in her English.

On 7 March I gave a presentation on the stage, it was Ok, the microphone didn’t broke. Although the main audience didn’t seem to be the guys, who would be interested in giving money or becoming useful partners for buying ultracapacitors from YUNASKO. Primarily, some random visitors, students and other finalists, like us.

Me at stage CeBIT 2013

On March 8 there was the Award Show. It was very nice, a lot of music and dancers on the stage.

As it had been expected, the 2 winners were chosen from the IT-related startups – and Greenclouds. Well, I have to admit, the guys presented really nice ideas.

Among of people at Award Show CeBIT 2013

The next day I had a chance to walk a little bit around the area of CeBIT and see what was going on in the world of IT and technology. Below are just several random photos taken with my cellphone….

One of the Halls at CeBIT 2013


Clever robot

Displair: the most amazing display in the world

Electric sportcar

Another electric car


Interesting thing about weather in Hannover: we came there on a sunny day and were enjoying German spring for another two days. Then it changed to clouds and later – rain. So, a classic autumn has come in the middle of our stay at CeBIT. And the last day, March 10 was the witness of a nice snowfall.