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Exploring new market niches for YUNASKO ultracapacitors…

Recently I had a conversation with Dr. Viacheslav Zgonnik, director of The Ukrainian Association for Hydrogen Energy (UAHE) (, about collaboration opportunities for YUNASKO in the field of fuel cells.  It is known that ultracapacitors can help fuel cells in similar way as they help Li-ion batteries – extend life-time of the fuel cell while increasing its efficiency.  This idea is far from being novel and one example of that is Honda which combined fuel cell with ultracapacitor module to provide energy for an electric vehicle.  So I thought it might be a good idea to closer explore this niche and market opportunities in this sector…

Several options for starting common research project were identified, in particular, with involvement of European programs (FP7) and other external sources of funding.  As the first step, UAHE is ready to provide YUNASKO with some market research data on fuel cells and current technology level in this field.  Undoubtedly, information support and consulting by UAHE will help get more insight into this potential niche for YUNASKO ultracapacitors.


About UAHE


Ukrainian Association for Hydrogen Energy was created in 2009 by researchers and businessmen ambitious about moving forward progress in hydrogen fuel technology. The organization is active in popularizing knowledge about hydrogen fuel research and providing educational and consulting support in the field of fuel cells.